Welcome to my blog!

My name is Noreen, I'm 25 years old and my biggest passion is traveling. I've always been fascinated about the whole tourism sector, foreign countries and cultures, but especially since my first cruise in 2012, I really got the itch to travel. 


Since my first cruise in 2012 with AIDA (followed by 3 AIDA cruises in 2013 and 2014 and 2 cruises with Mein Schiff 1 + 3 in 2015), I spend a lot of time searching for the best cruise offers, planning excursions in the cruise harbours on my own and writing articles about the latest trips I did. 


For family and friends, I'm the main contact if it comes to planning the next (cruise-) holiday and of course I have a keen interest in all offers and news of shipping companies. 

Since january 2016, I'm commuting between Shanghai and Germany, so that's the reason why I will also start to write about amazing travel destinations all around asia very soon! 

You see, my big love for traveling made me create this blog, so I really hope you enjoy reading my articles and wanderlust grips you as well!  


Have fun! Noreen 

My World Map

You are searching for a special travel or excursion hint? Here you see all the countries I've visited so far. Do not hesitate to write me a message, maybe I've a great tip for your next vacation in one of those countries?! 


Visited 32 states - 12,8 % of the world 

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