My pack-list for cruises and journeys

  •  Sea-Band* (my absolute insider-tip against seasickness. I love it and I will never ever get back on a cruise ship without them!) 
    - italian link: Sea-Band

  • Power-Bank*to reload your mobile phone during a trip. 
    - italian link: Power Bank Anker*  
  •  several SD-cards* (so you can switch for example in the middle of your journey. If (hopefully not!) your camera gets lost, you will still have half of your pictures
    - italian link: SD-cards*
  • a waterproofed camera for underwater pics (there are also some cheap ones like this Fujifilm FinePix XP80 - picture quality is much better than all the one-way-cameras and it's not that expensive) 
    - italian link: Easypix W1024* (it's much than the other one cheaper in italy!)
  • multiple socket* (depending on your cabin, sometimes the sockets are not enough to reload more than one item at the same time)
    -italian link: multiple socket*
  • clothes pegs (in many cabins you find a clothes line for example in the shower do dry for example your beach clothes)
  • clothes pegs or buttons (anyone, who has ever searched for his bathrobe in the sauna will know how useful they can be!)
  • textmarker to mark your highlights in the daily program
  • door coat hucks (not all cabines are very well equipped with hucks for your bathrobe, jackets etc.)
  • lanyard (for your board card - if you like to wear it ;) ) 
  • small flashlight 
  • bottle stopper (for the unlikely case that you can not empty your champagne or wine bottle during one evening)
  • travel pharmacy  against sea-sickness- or a cold. (aircons are often doing their job much better then they should, so a cold is not rare during a cruise in warmer areas)

  • Ohropax* (depending on your cabin and the waves, it can get a little louder during the night)
    -italian link: Ohropax



You have some further ideas? Just let me know in the comments below!

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All links marked with the * are affiliate links. This means, I will get a small commission by amazon if you buy them. Don't worry because this is not combined with any additional costs for you. I do only recommend things that I am convinced of as well.